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It facilitates business processes by streamlining workflows and automating compliance tasks, which gives you ample time for other matters. It has a system of centralized working in a place that collaborates with various other tools to give a complete bird’s eye view of the entire business. It helps in managing clients and employees and automates the processes for both of them. Using accounting software from the beginning is the best way to ensure that you cover all reports for the entire course of your company. Some of the most commonly used accounting software include QuickBooks and Xero. Before you start recording your figures you need to download all the reports that you need.

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If you’re avoiding your bookkeeping because you don’t know where to start, consider this your opportunity to change that. You can explore my most popular articles above, and you can also find my free Etsy bookkeeping training on YouTube. This playlist will walk you through your Etsy shop bookkeeping, step-by-step.

Organize Records and Store Data

After all, plenty of Etsy shop owners got involved in selling because they fell in love with the Etsy community, and it’s quite common for Etsy sellers to also be Etsy customers. QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your personal and business transactions completely separate. After all, if you’re buying something for yourself, you don’t want your company’s cash flow data to be affected. With QuickBooks, you can keep your personal and business bank accounts and credit cards isolated from each other, and you can easily sort your transactions accordingly.

So, of the $10 of sales that you have, only about $7.50 makes it into your bank account. The second reason and probably more important reason to do this monthly, is that when you do your bookkeeping every month, you will actually be able to SEE inside of your business. Being an Etsy seller has a particular set of difficulties in handling finances.

Bookkeeping Template

In this article I’ll show you where the information about income and fees are located on Etsy, and give a few suggestions about how to organize it. Do you see how in the excel above all of the deposits are positive numbers and all of the expenses are negative numbers? Some bank accounts when you export will split out the deposits and the expenses as TWO separate columns. This is NOT good for us so if you fall into this situation what I recommend is putting a filter on the columns and then sorting by the deposits and by the expenses and making the expenses NEGATIVE numbers. Ok, so now that we are aware of ALL of the financial data that we need to gather, the next step in this process is to download ALL of this information into a spreadsheet. The first reason to keep up with this monthly is to avoid this feeling of impending doom that you may have right now.

etsy bookkeeping

Accounting software like Countingup has a bunch of features designed to help you stay organised with minimal effort. The best way to stop bookkeeping from overwhelming you is to make it a part of your daily routine. Set aside some time every day or week to go through your receipts, sales, inventory, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow and so on. Knowing how much you owe and when you owe it is key to running a healthy business.

etsy sales tracker

If you want to track everything manually, you can use forms that people make to do that. A lot of people like the forms from Paper and Spark on Etsy, so you can check those out. Those etsy bookkeeping should be subtracted from income and expenses, whichever they apply to. It is really that simple that complete the bookkeeping for the entire year to begin to prepare for your taxes.

  • After all, your goal is to optimise your accounting and give yourself more time to focus on what you do best.
  • QuickBooks makes it easy to save and organize your receipts so you’re prepared in case you get audited.
  • Knowing how much you owe and when you owe it is key to running a healthy business.
  • Star Sellers have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience—they consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received.
  • Depending on your income, product, and sales platform, you may be expected to pay sales tax quarterly or even monthly.
  • To exclude this from your reported Sales income you need to find the amount of that tax and deduct it from the total sales number calculated above.

This can be done through your accounting software or by tallying up your total income and expenses against your total sales figures. You can then calculate your profits and losses based on those figures, or you can use tax calculations to determine any taxes that may need to be paid. The first step in bookkeeping is setting up accounts and tracking sales. This should include information such as product ID, sale price, unit price, etc. You can use a simple spreadsheet to track this information, or you can use dedicated accounting software if you have more complex needs. Having a separate business account makes it easier to keep track of your income and expenses and also looks more professional.

The reason why the filter is so important is because when we are going through if you “sort” by the description column excel will place THE ENTIRE YEAR worth of data in alphabetical order. When it is in alphabetical order, I can now NAME a TON of transactions the same by making a new column and just dragging the name down. So, when it is sorted alphabetically, I can call ALL of my “Facebooksad568383” charges as advertising.

  • So, when it is sorted alphabetically, I can call ALL of my “Facebooksad568383” charges as advertising.
  • This will help to assure accuracy and provide you with a clear picture of your company’s financial situation.
  • You’ll see 3 columns of numbers on your payment account; Amount, Fees & Taxes and Net.
  • Before you start recording your figures you need to download all the reports that you need.
  • Each transaction should be listed with the date, who made the purchase or sale, and the amount involved.

This playlist will give you the confidence you need to set up your Etsy records in QuickBooks Online. Implement these processes into your routine to make bookkeeping easier. We take intellectual property concerns very seriously, but many of these problems can be resolved directly by the parties involved. We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case.

Understand financial statements

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this bookkeeping file and for creating the Youtube tutorial that goes with it!! Instant download items don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. You can set QuickBooks to track the profit of the first 20 hats as $5 each and the profit of the second 20 hats as $4 each, rather than valuing all hats based on the profit average of $4.50. The FIFO method pushes you to sell your older inventory first, which reduces the impact of inflation on your bottom line.

In this post, I’ll walk you through them so you can determine which option is the best for your business. Bookkeeping for Etsy sellers becomes significantly easier with the right accounting software. After all, your goal is to optimise your accounting and give yourself more time to focus on what you do best. Because your data is stored securely on remote servers, you never have to worry about losing it.

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